Hello all!  This here is to let you know a little bit about me and Casa Creativa!  So this all started so I could document some of the work I've been doing since moving to Italy 3 years ago.  I quit my job to move with my husband who was offered a job in Italy.  I certainly wasn't unhappy with the prospect of living in Italy for a few years, so 6 months later off we went in our Luton van with 3 cats and what belongings we wanted to take with us.  It was an adventure; we were recently married, childless, and had a flat in the UK we could rent out.  3 years later, we have an Italian house and garden needing endless work, 3 happy cats, and a son in full toddler mode!  Pre-baby I spent my time renovating our Italian house: tiling, plastering, knocking walls down, painting, plumbing, and upcycling furniture.  Thank goodness for online videos to help with all the new skills!  So now I spend my time trying to do DIY, craft projects and paint furniture with a toddler hanging off my leg (or neck, or hair or wherever else he finds interesting!), whilst documenting it all as well...I LOVE it! I hope you find something here to inspire you, to re-love what you've got or dig around used furniture stores, etc. for stuff to bring back to life again and make your home a Casa Creativa!  I'd love to hear about what you're working on right now, so always happy to hear from you!

Ciao ragazzi!

Where I Live...

I live

in the beautiful region of Emilia Romagna in Italy.  If you don't know the area think fresh pasta, Parma ham, Balsamic Vinegar and parmesan, yum!

My Fab Family

I live

with my husband, who is an engineer and handy DIYer himself, and our young son Leonardo who is learning new tools everyday!

My Perfect Pets

I have

3 fabulous cats! My little Cleo is an all black sweetheart, Milo is a huge long-haired grey prince, and Austin is  tabby, long-haired jester!