Furniture Makeovers


Pretty in Pink

Vintage Dresser

Pink and Dark Glaze Vintage Makeover: I've seen so many gorgeous pink painted pieces that I had to have a go!  I bought this little console table as I liked the detailing on the drawers and the cute castors.....


Peaky Blinders Bar Cart

Coming Soon!


Vintage Bookshelf

Coming Soon!


Blue & Gold Dresser

Dark Dresser gets a Regal Makeover: Now I know I might sound a little mad looking for a dresser unit to go on my balcony , but I say furniture can live outdoors as well as indoors!  To be fair to me, the balcony is big...


Mirror Mirror

Crackle Glaze Makeover:

Just to introduce you to this now gorgeous mirror.  It was originally part of a large chest of drawers that I wanted to use as a dining buffet for our large balcony, so I removed the mirror...


Sleek Layered Blue with Gold Hardware:

This old TV unit was too good to pass by, not because it was particularly attractive, but it was in good condition, a nice size (not too big, not too small) and it was cheap!

Bookshelves title page_edited.png

Industrial Bookshelves

DIY Pallet Wood and Steel Bookshelves: While renovating our house we had lots of different things delivered on pallets: sand, tiles, gravel, etc. so it was inevitable we'd end up doing something with all that lovely wood!


Embellished Footstool

Video: Faded Footstool Makeover

I found this footstool at a Mercato Usato and it was plain and faded, but the seat springs were in good condition and the upholstery was simple to replace.  So some chalk paint, applique work, wax and upholstery later it has a bit more pizzazz!


Gorgeous Vintage Green Makeover

This cute telephone table has been given a gorgeous vintage green makeover, with lots of detailing, ready for it's new home in our hallway.  I used chalk paint, dry brushing, stenciling and decoupage to give this table lots of pop!

Dresser title photo_edited.jpg

Dresser Makeover

Garage Gremlin to Delightful Dresser: When we first moved into our house in Italy we had hardly any furniture - our van we drove over from the UK was groaning with stuff and 3 cats in giant pet cages but very little furniture...


Console Table

Cute Console Table with Castors:

I found this cute little console table at my local Mercato Usato recently; it was €20 and buried under a lot of other random stuff so I almost missed it...


Chair Makeover

From old Chair to Garden Planter:

This old woven chair has been sitting in my garage for several months after we realised it was broken and unusable as a chair anymore. Being a lover of used and old things...