Check out these tutorials to help you make your own Casa Creativa!

How to Use Dark Wax over Chalk Paint

This short video will show you how to use dark wax over chalk paint and the differences in finish when using just clear wax and different layers of dark wax.

Using a Wax Brush over Chalk Paint

This is how I like to go about adding a clear wax over my chalk painted furniture using a waxing brush. You'll see my technique and read lots of tips I've picked up!

Quick Stencil Demo with a Small Brush

A quick video of me stenciling a coffee table using chalk paint and a small brush - features some helpful tips!

How to Apply an Applique to Furniture

This tutorial is part of a larger makeover tutorial.  Here I show you how I've attached a wooden applique to a footstool, and finished with chalk paint and dark wax.  I love to add a bit of embellishment to really make a piece pop!